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"The Randomizer" and the text sources: ORQ's potential answers for your question.

Photo: Priscilla Stadler

The Oracle of Random Quotes [ORQ] is an interactive project that invites visitors to use random texts to answer a question - and to dialogue about the ways we make meaning. Over 150 consultations have been provided for those who are grappling with questions, needing advice, enmeshed in a quandary, facing a conundrum, deciphering a dilemma, involved in an embroglio, or just plain curious. Skeptics and believers alike are welcome to consult with ORQ whenever it is available. ORQ references a millenia-old practice of divination, known as bibliomancy (divination by reading books), or stychomancy (divination by reading lines).

The Oracle has made numerous appearances since 2008, usually in New York. In 2009 it spent two weeks at Local Project Gallery, Lomg Island CIty, N.Y., where its installation also encompassed the video "Four Oracles, One Question", drawings, and consultations for visitors. Other ORQ appearances have occurred across the street from MoMA P.S.1 and the Sculpture Center in Long Island City, N.Y. More details about ORQ are available on the ORQ blog: