The Fellowship of Random Phrases

collection plates welcoming projectionreading of random phrasesgroup i-ching readingblessed are sign

During this performance at Contemporary Artists Center, Troy, N.Y., a small yet spirited flock gathered for the first, and possibly only, Fellowship of Random Phrases gathering.

Taglined as "the congregation where making meaning is entirely up to you", the "service" included original music by Kazumi Shiho, church bell-ringing by Angela Washko, and a collaborative reading of the Random Phrases offered by usehers from the collection plates. There was also a group I-Ching reading, and a Farewell Blessing inspired by "Blessed Are", the phrase on a rusty metal stencil for making large religious banners found in the former church's basement.

collection plates

Random phrases gathered for ten days are shown in collection plates, above. Rather than collecting your money, the ushers come forward to offer the collection of random phrases. If you are willing to read one aloud in no particular order along with your fellow congregants, go ahead and select one. While other congregations sing praises, at the Fellowship we read phrases!


Photos:Greg Hayes